Team Maryland, EHL Reveal 2020-21 Schedule

The Eastern Hockey League announced Monday that they’ll be kicking off their 2020-21 season September 18th, which would be the earliest league start of any of the junior leagues. Team Maryland is in the EHL, therefore their schedule has been revealed, as well.

Some shuffling, though, in the Mid-Atlantic Conference, as the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers were bought and moved to Somerset, New Jersey to become the Protec Jr. Ducks. The North Carolina Golden Bears have seemingly left the EHL and possibly the junior hockey scene for the time being. Also moving away from the EHL is the Philadelphia Revolution–though they’ll be focusing on their lower level teams, while moving in conference is the Connecticut Chiefs.

For Team Maryland, they’ll get things going on September 22nd with a road match-up against the Chiefs, while the home slate of their schedule will being September 26th as they welcome the Jr. Ducks to Piney Orchard. TM currently has 18 games at home and 20 on the road, with no Showcases being down in the schedule as of yet; but those will account for the eight remaining games based on last year’s 46-game setting.

If all goes well, hockey is just around the corner at Piney Orchard, which means we can expect some more roster announcements coming soon. TM already announced Connor Ball, Kyle Nestepny, and Vincent Maurice returning and the addition of Nick Graziano and Ethan O’Connor joining the team, things are looking like they’re coming together for TM to build off their playoff appearance of last season.

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