Black Bears Strengthen Blue Line With Gaudette Acquisition

Late Thursday, the Maryland Black Bears announced they had acquired Cam Gaudette from the Northeast Generals for a tender contract and a third-round pick. The overaged defenseman is a commit to Northeast University and will bring a solid veteran look to the Black Bears not only on the blue line, but also across the board for the Black Bears.

“Cam is a veteran NAHL defenseman, and is very hard to play against. He competes every time he steps onto the ice,” said GM/Head Coach Clint Mylymok. “He will bring that competitive drive, and strong blend of offensive ability and toughness to our lineup. We welcome Cam to Maryland, and look forward to having him join the Black Bears.”

Gaudette has been a bit of a thorn in the side of the Black Bears putting up three goals and three assists in the 16 games against Maryland in his career, but also played a physical role on the ice for the Generals. More over than that, Gaudette is on the rise, as he doubled his totals from 2018-19 last season in fewer games played.

As the Black Bears put in their release, the addition will also help the void left by Hampus Rydqvist and Logan Kons moving onto NCAA play. Gaudette should be a solid compliment to the likes of Aidan McDowell, Thomas Jarman, and Bryden Sinclair.

Though some people might balk at his plus/minus stat-line, it’s not as big of a stat as it once was with analytics being involved. With the minutes he logs, he’ll be out there for a lot of even-strength situations, which lead to that stat being more on the minus side. A change in a system could be prosperous for that stat for people who still value that stat.

Overall, a solid move to get more of a veteran presence on the team, especially with how close of a race the East Division often is. A move like this can only help the Black Bears going into the season and should help bolster the defense that much more.

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