UCHC Reach Decision on 2020-21 Season

On Tuesday, the UCHC put out a statement in regards to their 2020-21 season, which they plan to have start on February 19th. This is the first news out of the conference since they postponed their competition timeline in July. The UCHC stated that it’s up to the local jurisdictions in regards to healthy and safety protocols and how the institutions conduct their athletic’s departments.

With this announcement, it paves the way for the Stevenson University men’s and women’s teams to restart their season in two months from now. If I’m reading the Baltimore County executive order on gatherings correctly, the university should be able to go about their games at the Reisterstown Sportsplex (and if I’m not, feel free to mention in the comments). The Stevenson women’s side rejoiced with the announcement on their Instagram, while the men’s side showed relief on Twitter.

Now, we wait to see what Stevenson University decides to do with their sports. They have posted the story on their main athletics page, which seems to sign to me that they are going to do all they can in order to get a season going for the student-athletes. The Middle Atlantic Conference deferred all decisions on hockey to the UCHC after saying they would start men’s and women’s basketball in early February, as well as other guideline for winter sports.

One can only hope the teams will be able to play when February rolls around. Just as simple as following the rules and not getting into situations where they could be exposed to sickness outside of their normal bubble.

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