Maryland Black Bears Announce Partnership with The Ryan Brooks Harrison Foundation and Baltimore Jr. Banners

On Tuesday, the Maryland Black Bears announced a partnership that will provide spark and new interest in the game of hockey. The Black Bears will partner with The Ryan Brooks Harrison Foundation and the Baltimore Jr. Banners to provide tickets to games throughout the rest of the regular season, starting this Saturday, November 6th.

“This partnership represents so much of what the Maryland Black Bears stand for,” said
Maryland Black Bears’ President Robyn Remick. “Showcasing the hockey experience to youth
teams and building skills both on and off the ice are paramount. We are grateful to RBHF for
the opportunity to work with them in Ryan’s memory and we look forward to building a
meaningful hockey relationship with The Jr. Banners,” she added.

The foundation was named after Ryan Harrison, a Glen Burnie native, who passed away on July 29th, 2019. Harrison was an avid sports fan and the foundation aims to support local youth athletics, as well as providing the chance for children to attend live sporting events in their area. These events are often the first time a child has been to experience a game in-person.

“The Ryan Brooks Harrison Foundation is honored to work with the Black Bears to bring
members of the Baltimore Banners to their first hockey game,” said Jamie Harrison, RBHF
Chairman. “We are touched by the mission and resiliency of the Banners’ organization, and
we know that Ryan would be moved by their story.” He added, “This will be our first-ever
sponsorship of a hockey game, and so November 6th will definitely be “Banner” day for us!!”

To help with this, the Baltimore Jr. Banners will distribute ten tickets to the three games to their players. The Jr. Banners and the Baltimore Banners operate out of East Baltimore’s Mimi Di Pietro Skating Center in Patterson Park. Managed by the Tender Bridge group, the Jr. Banners and Banners teams have their cost of travel, ice time, and equipment covered by donations. The Banners were featured in a mini-documentary “Not Just a Game: The Story of ‘Savage’” that followed Tyrone “Savage” Carey as he took the ice for his first season and how it helped him on and off the ice.

“The Banners are grateful for the generous support of the Ryan Brooks Harrison Foundation
and the Maryland Black Bears. Kids always remember the first time they step on the ice or see
their first hockey game and we know that Ryan Brooks Harrison’s legacy will create a lifetime
love of hockey for our special group of kids,” said Noel Acton, Executive Director of the
Tender Bridge. “Continuing to grow hockey is critical to the future of the game and we are
eager to watch this partnership foster that mission in Baltimore City.”

As mentioned, the first of three games is November 6th against Maine, then January 8th against New Jersey, and February 5th versus Jamestown.

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