Time to Bring Back the Women’s Crab Pot Tournament

The Women’s Crab Pot Championship/ Photo via DVCHC

In the past, I’ve spoken on the Crab Pot Tournament and the lineage behind it. It will resume this year with Navy hosting Maryland, Stevenson, and Towson for the Maryland-centric title. After the pause in the 2020-21 season due to COVID, it’ll be a nice resumption when it’s helped in February.

Thinking on it, I had wonder if it’s time to bring about an annual women’s Crab Pot Tournament. Then, I learned that a Women’s Crab Pot has happened before, at least twice, but I haven’t seen any recollection of it since 2011.

From the looks of it, the Women’s Crab Pot was held at the start of the season and happened at IceWorld in Abingdon. Given the past of the trophy from the men’s side, it seems a bit of to have it in Baltimore County and not at the Naval Academy– but maybe that’s what’s needed, too. Set itself apart by going to IceWorld– which houses the Loyola Greyhounds and Towson Tigers programs– and having the tournament there. Add Navy and Maryland and you’ve got your tournament. Not only that, but think if Stevenson University has a women’s club team form in the next couple years– adds some intrigue to teams that could want in.

In the time where women’s hockey has been booming, why not reinvigorate it– especially with four Maryland-based teams; if they want to keep it all in-state. While I’m not sure if the lack of teams in the area that were able/willing to participate stalled the Crab Pot in the first place, with the availability of the four Maryland teams and other teams in the DVCHC landscape within a decent drive of either IceWorld or McMullen; it’s almost a no-brainer to get it going again.

Plus, it gives these teams something to strive for on top of the DVCHC title they’re all chasing after. It’s one thing to want to play for the league title, but the ability to have bragging rights and a shiny Crab Pot to get back to their home rink would be a big date circled on the calendar for the invited teams.

Looking at the landscape of hockey, it’s definitely beyond time for this tournament to be restarted for the women. The logistics could work for the teams being in the same conference again, which means it’s just a matter of working it all out for all the teams and make it happen. No better time than now, honestly.

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