Black Bears Hosting “O Canada Night” This Weekend

Canada and Maryland are home of hockey firsts. In Windsor, Nova Scotia, the first hockey game was document was being played in 1844, while the first indoor game was in Montreal in 1875. Baltimore, Maryland hosted the first game of college hockey between Yale and Johns Hopkins in 1896. It’s fitting that at The Den on Saturday, the Maryland Black Bears will be hosting “O Canada Night” to honor the neighbors to the north and to further appreciate the Canadian content that the Black Bears have on their team.

Photo: Jon Pitonzo/FOHS Media Faction

Captain Conor Cole and forward Elliott Lareau are the only Canadian players on the roster, while coaches Clint Mylymok and Kim Weiss are of Canadian descent, as well. In fact, the Black Bears over their four-year existence have had six other Canadians on their roster: Josh Nixon, Dylan Finlay, Bryden Sinclair, Adam Schankula, Colt Corpse, and Kyle Oleksiuk.

Photo: Jon Pitonzo/ FOHS Media Faction

“O Canada Night” follows in past heritage nights like Swedish Heritage Night in 2020. The dignitaries will be out for this one, as the Honorable Heather Grant will be on-hand to drop the first puck and take in the Titans/Black Bears match-up. Minister Grant is the Minister of Intergovermental and Public Affairs to the US at the Embassy in Canada.

For this organization to hold these heritage night is a nice nod to the players who hail from there. While they’re far away from home, to be able to bring a little bit of home to them for a night is wonderful for further inclusion from the team. Not only that, as someone who experienced the Swedish Heritage Night, a time to take in and learn about a different culture, their delicacies, and their lifestyle.

Photo Jon Pitonzo/ FOHS Media Faction

As someone who took a test to get their Canadian citizenship, it’s great to see the Black Bears celebrate Canada and allow the area to appreciate the country that gave the world hockey, Bryan Adams, and poutine. Plenty of Canadian music, trivia, and who knows– maybe poutine will be flowing at the rink. Want to partake?? Just go to and get your seats to experience O Canada Night for yourself and maybe score a double-double to keep you warm.

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