Towson Women’s Squad Shutter For 2022-23 Season

While we were celebrating the revitalization of the women’s Crab Pot Tournament, we start this week off with some bad news when it comes to women’s club hockey. On Sunday, it was announced that Towson, due to lack of players, will not participate in a competitive season for the 2022-23 season. The announcement was posted on Facebook by players Lane Sky, Kiana Craven, Mikaela Prien, and Halyna Sokoliouk. 

It has been a rough go for the Towson squad the last couple of years. Last season, they posted a 3-9-1 record after losing the entire 2020-21 season to COVID regulations However, they also lost five of their 13 players from last year to graduation. In 2019-20, they scored their first win in over two years on opening night, but didn’t fare too much better after before COVID hit. 

Though the days have been dark, this isn’t a program that has always had struggles. The Tigers were back-to-back-to-back DVCHC champions from 2014 until 2016, but with any program, rebuilds happen. Especially at the club level where recruiting is tougher than most, it’s harder to maintain the excellence like they had in the middle of the 2010s. 

As a bright side to this is that the team will still practice, still hold events, and still be prominent on campus. While the team were 3-5 players short at a minimum, it’s good to know they’re going to keep their names out there and maybe use some practice time to get some first-time prospective players out on the ice to see if it’s for them or find some people who may be too timid to have shown up previous. 

While this does stink considering the circumstances, full marks for the players knowing that going into the season shorthanded wouldn’t make matters better for them and knew when to call it quits, as tough as it may have been for them to do so.

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