Towson Women’s Squad Shutter For 2022-23 Season

While we were celebrating the revitalization of the women’s Crab Pot Tournament, we start this week off with some bad news when it comes to women’s club hockey. On Sunday, it was announced that Towson, due to lack of players, will not participate in a competitive season for the 2022-23 season. The announcement was postedContinue reading “Towson Women’s Squad Shutter For 2022-23 Season”

Crab Pot Tournament 2022 Preview: Towson University Tigers

After a year away, the 44th Annual Crab Pot Tournament is upon us and what better way to go into it than looking at the participants?? This will be a tour of the team and their stats according to the ACHA website– so if anything is inaccurate– go to them about it. This installment features theContinue reading “Crab Pot Tournament 2022 Preview: Towson University Tigers”